BWMS 50 m3/h

We have designed our system based on the markets needs, and as a result have one of the most compact system with the lowest power consumptions on the market today.


Environmental: No active substances required for the treatment process. 
Quality: Built of reliable and well proven components, providing our customer with operation security and low operation costs in the future.
User friendly: Our system is both easy to operate and maintain.

Product information

  • System TRC: 50m3/h
  • System flow ballasting: Minimum 29m3/h, maximum 50m3/h
  • System flow de-ballasting: Minimum 10m3/h, maximum 50m3/h
  • Power consumption UV: Minimum 2,64KW, maximum 4,4KW
  • Max Power consumption system: 7,6KW
  • Skid footprint: 840mm x 670mm (L x W)
  • Total height: 1711mm
  • System can also be delivered as semi-skid on a bottom frame, with loose cabinets.
  • System can be delivered in separate components, relevant for retrofit.