From 8th of September this year, it became mandatory to install ballast treatment systems on all ships with ballast tanks. Subsequently, this involves installing a treatment system to treat the ballast water on ships by their first renewal of environmental approval which is normally done every 5 years.  

Norwegian Greentech has developed a treatment system that is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized vessels. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been patient and built stone upon stone. Much of this time was dedicated to product development, testing and type approval. 

‘Our product is a perfect fit for small and medium-sized vessels. Our product has the smallest footprint and the lowest energy consumption on the market. In addition, having competitive prices makes customers choose us. We are very proud to report an increase in sales by almost 350% from 2018 to 2019. Patience in the development phase, incredibly talented employees, as well as a strong owner behind us, are important factors that helped us develop such a good product”, says Børge Gjelseth, Sales and Marketing Director.’

Fleet Agreements

There is a clear shift in the market now towards focus by shipping companies on securing good fleet agreements with predictable prices. Børge Gjelseth points out that there are many competitors that have been fighting for several years for a limited market of new ships. 

‘The market for our product is changing rapidly and prices are rising now that the retrofit boom is underway. Norwegian Greentech has secured several fleet agreements lately. I would like to highlight one of these in particular, the LOI with Salén Ship Management based in Gothenburg, Sweden, that is specialized in small expedition cruises of high standard.’

Roger Hansson, Technical Inspector in Salén, has stated the following about Norwegian BWMS: 

‘I have known Norwegian Greentech's systems from an earlier position. They are robust and function well. We have considered several solutions, and we have chosen Norwegian BWMS in the end due to their compact size and low power consumption. These are excellent for small expedition cruise ships.’

‘Positive response from our clients is what we always aim for!’ says Børge in a closing statement.

In photo: Hebridian Sky’, one of Salén’s cruise ships that intend to install ballast water treatment system from Norwegian Greentech. Photo: Salén Ship Management