This achievement underpins our commitment to produce first class products and systems for water treatment in offshore and onshore installations.

NGT's commitment

At Norwegian Greentech, we're guided by our motto, "Passion for CLEAN WATER," alongside our vision of a sustainable future at sea.

  1. Compliance: NGT is dedicated to upholding all contractual agreements, internal procedures, and statutory rules and regulations, ensuring the integrity and legality of our offerings.
  2. Customer-centric approach: Our goal is to develop and deliver compact, energy-efficient solutions for water treatment, always placing the customer at the heart of our operations.
  3. Continuous improvement: We actively pursue continuous improvements, aiming to be the most trustworthy supplier in our markets.

This certification marks another step in our journey to empower sustainable water solutions. Norwegian Greentech remains your reliable partner, committed to exceeding expectations and setting new standards in the industry.

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Norwegian Greentech - Passion for CLEAN WATER