“With 40 systems installed, we are starting to get feedback from the operators,” says Børge Gjelseth, sales and marketing director at MMC Green Technology. “So far, our clients say our system is easy to understand and to operate.” And there is more to come.

“Recently we signed ten orders, where the vessels and clients consists of two windmill support vessels for Bernhard Schulte built at Ulstein, two general cargo/container vessels for Royal Atlantic Lines built at Remontowa Shipbuilding, three live fish carriers built at Aas Mekaniske; two for Sølvtrans and one for Bømlo Brønnbåtservice.”

“In addition one 2.800 passenger Ro-Pax ferry is being built at Meyer Turku for Tallink, one accommodation and work barge owned by Dalby Offshore to be retrofitted in Poland, and one live fish carrier to be built at Larsnes Mek. All being equipped with MMC BWMS.”


A 2.800 passenger Ro-Pax ferry being built at Meyer Turku for Tallink, will be fitted with ballast water management system (MMC BWMS) from MMC Green Technology.

A significant part of MMC Green Technology’s order backlog is within the offshore supply market. “However, due to the slow oil and gas market, few new offshore support vessels are being ordered.

It is in our strategy to enter new markets, which also the list of new orders clearly indicates,” says Mr. Gjelseth.

He claims than MMC Green Technology has the most compact and user-friendly ballast water management system unit on the market for small and medium size ships.

An IMO (International Maritime Organization) convention on requirements on ballast water systems will probably be ratified within the year. The aim of the convention is to prevent marine organisms moved worldwide via ballast water, thus interfering with the natural environment, through imposing cleansing. Before the Convention enters into force, it must be ratified by at least 30 countries that together represent 35 percent of the world fleet. It lacks about two percent until the target is reached.

“Together with a broad world wide sales and service network we welcome the convention to be entered into force in near future,” states Børge Gjelseth at MMC Green Technology.

More information, please contact:

Børge Gjelseth, sales a marketing director


Phone: +47 90 06 11 97

Email: bgj@mmc.no