MMC Green Technology in Fosnavåg, Norway has received type approval by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for their treatment system MMC BWMS, for ship ballast water. The approval could also result in a tenfold increase in the number of employees, including a massive upsurge in business turnover.

A brand new world now seems to open up for MMC, after the company, with three employees, last week could proudly announce that they had been awarded Det Norske Veritas` (DNV) approval for treatment of ballast water onboard vessels. It has taken three years and cost more than NOK 20 million to get type approval for the company`s treatment system.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) has developed a specific set of rules for the treatment of ballast water onboard ships, called the ballast water conversion, in order to reduce the risk of contamination and pollution that is spread through ballast water.  When this convention enters into force, the market for type approved treatment systems will explode both in terms of post-installations on existing ships and installations on newbuilds all across the world.


– It has been a demanding, challenging and very knowledge rewarding process involving a lot of research, development and testing. With this type approval we will be at the forefront when it comes to the delivery of treatment systems for vessels worldwide. There are only four companies in Norway which have achieved type approval, and selling these systems from Norway to abroad without this approval is virtually impossible, says Marketing Manager Børge Gjelseth. Together with brother Håvard and his uncle Terje Gjelseth, they last week celebrated the occasion with a big cake in their offices in Mjølstadneset in Herøy, Norway.

The company is going to double their number of employees next year and it is likely that there will be a tenfold increase in terms of employees over the next three to four years. –There`s a potential for a turnover reaching NOK several hundreds of millions, says the Marketing Manager.

– We can safely say that this is the greatest milestone in the company`s history, says Technical Manager, Terje Gjelseth, who has worked for MMC from day one. And Børge gives most of the credit to his uncle for the now type approved system.

– Having gained great experience working as a chief engineer, Terje’s focus has been on developing one of the most compact systems of this type on a world basis. Terje also knows how important it is to be able to trust these systems working optimally onboard a ship. We have chosen serious European suppliers for all critical components, so I am convinced that his is a good choice for our customers, the Technical Manager points out.

MAJOR TRUST WITHIN THE MARKET Even though it has been very demanding creating sales without the type approval, the company has still managed to sell five of these systems.

– We find that there`s a great trust within the market, especially locally, says Marketing Manager Børge Gjelseth. – Two weeks ago we sold our first system abroad, to a shipyard in Spain. It is very pleasing to see that we are competitive also in Europe. We are working actively together with our business partners in Singapore and we also hope to land contracts over there in the near future. We expect our type approval to result in good business prospects also in Asia, Børge says.

WELL PREPARED  General Manager, Håvard Gjelseth, points out that along with working towards this type approval, MMC has also worked intensively in order to put in place good routines for efficient project execution.

– A pleasing aspect is that we have achieved several sales during this process giving us very useful practice for future projects. This prepares us well for a big market where we experience strict deadlines for final deliveries, the General Manager informs.

– We have also commissioned two of these systems. The prototype is today in use on the Havyard designed vessel «Havila Subsea», whereas the other system is installed on a ship that will be delivered to its ship owner shortly, adds the General Manager of MMC Green Technology, who awaits hectic but exciting times for their company.


  • MMC Green Technology was founded in Mjølstadneset in Herøy, Norway in 2010 as an individual company within MMC.
  • MMC, where Havyard Group recently has acquired the majority shares, has for several years supplied treatment systems with filters and UV-technology for cleansing of process water on wellboats.
  • The technology behind Green Technology`s treatment systems for ballast water is based on MMC`s wellboat experiences, but is redesigned for minimal construction size, having low energy requirements and for being user- and service friendly.

THE BALLAST WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM: This is MMC Green Technology`s Treatment system for ballast water onboard vessels, a system that is now certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) after three years of research and development.  The company in Fosnavåg consists of three members of the Gjelseth family; the brothers Børge (left) and Håvard and their uncle Terje(riht). PHOTO: GEIR MAGNE SÆTRE.


CELEBRATING: Terje Gjelseth (in the middle) had the honours of tasting the first piece of the «approval cake», here together with Børge(left) and Håvard Gjelseth. Last week there was a proper cake celebration for the company reaching its so far biggest milestone, a DNV type approval of the company`s treatment system for ballast water.