Another Nor-Shipping is over.

New relationships are built and old relationships made even stronger! For NGT, the fair has been a success.

Your Expert in BWMS

Norwegian Greentech is an industry pioneer in small footprint Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). Our high-quality BWTS is built to last. We have developed a unique system of smart, cost-effective and scalable BWMS-models in compliance with both IMO and USCG BWMS-regulations.

We would love to tell you more about our solutions at Nor-Shipping.

Norwegian Greentech has developed a BWMS unlike any other. Extensive water treatment knowledge, in-depth research and strong partnerships resulted into a smart, cost-effective and scalable BWM solution.

NGT is also a supplier of highly efficient process water treatment systems for live fish carriers and land-based aquaculture.
The Process water treatment systems is based on filter and UV technology, and is approved by the veterinarian institute.

Our state-of-the-art system combines, for the first time in the industry, the smallest footprint with low power consumption, installation flexibility and intuitive operation. Unique system features along with automatic control of the UV dose ensure superior energy performance, low life-cycle costs and easy maintenance. 

Requiring minimal space, our chemical-free system is ideally designed for difficult to fit engine or pump rooms. The high-quality BWMS of Norwegian Greentech is built to last. 

Our Compact Range

Norwegian Greentech BWMS is certified in accordance with IMO and USCG, and is approved for use in all water salinities: fresh, brackish and marine, with no required holding time.

Ballast Water Treatment from NGT


The UN Sustainable Development Goals, political ambitions and new regulations push us and our customers to develop the solutions of the future already today.

This is good news for the environment. 

We are passionate about using our knowledge to solve these challenges by creating energy-efficient products and cutting emissions, while at the same time increasing our customers’ profitability, competitiveness, and value creation by giving them a tool for the future.